About Us

GoodWorks Management Experience

The Family at GoodWorks has been engaged in the planning, development, design, construction, management and/or operation of over 80 senior communities. Each site is the result of a combination of resident character, regional and sub-regional culture, and facility, property, and staff strengths and weaknesses.

GoodWorks Management Philosophy

Though budget development, revenue production, cost management, human resource enrichment, risk management, property management, regulatory compliance, dietary quality, social programming, and quality service programming are all essential to a successful senior community, GoodWorks ensures success by building its management around the core critical attribute – LOVE.

  • Without Love, a senior community is just real estate with services.
  • Without Love, regulatory compliance is mindless, bureaucratic red tape.
  • Without Love, the business has no soul.
  • Without Love, the staff just have jobs.
  • Without Love, the business is just marginal.
  • Love is not just an idea in GoodWorks’ operations. It is the core business.
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