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From time-to-time, our families and friends send us nice notes by email, Facebook, Google, and more.
We appreciate the kind words!

“Thank You! Each and every one of you.  Thank you for what you do so well and how you do it with so much love.  Not an easy job, but we haven’t found any verse in the Bible that suggests having the heart of an angel would be easy.  However, your effort will be rewarded on the other side, many times over.  Thank you, love you, appreciate you.”  – Bruce’s Kids

Thank you so much for providing this lovely home for me! You make everything so pretty and fun. – Louise Walker

Mom loved the Fountains, staff and residents. So many of you have truly become “extended family!” Our family is forever grateful for your partnership with us in caring for Mom. You are a blessing in our lives. – Donna Williams

Thank you for another year of the warmth, happiness and smiles you give us each day just to make us happy! You all are wonderful, fantastic and caring individuals! We all love you! – Pat Brewer

We want to thank you all the Fountains’ residents for the beautiful napkins and napkin rings! Our seniors love them! It always puts a smile on their faces. Your thoughtfulness means so much to us. The napkins are always adorable! – Meals on Wheels

Robin Crowell
Executive Director

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