1001 Crossfield Drive, Versailles, KY, 40383

1001 Crossfield Drive, Versailles, KY, 40383


Enrichment Activities

At Daisy Hill, each day is filled with new opportunities to ignite a plan that enhances health and wellness, stimulates your brain, and encourages connections between residents. Our goal is to present new and inspired ways to stay active and create new memories. Each month the activity calendar is updated with unique experiences for our residents, and each day is filled with excitement and adventure.


Daisy Hill is dedicated to improving and maintaining the general health and well-being of its residents, staff, and surrounding community. The mission of this facility is to promote greater health awareness by providing information, activities and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.


Good physical and mental health can improve your quality of life during your older years. In addition to promoting your independence and keeping your body strong and energized, it is said that physical activity can also prevent or improve age-related conditions, such as osteoporosis and arthritis, and lowers your risk of injuries and health conditions, such as stroke and heart disease. Paired with good mental health, this combination can add years to life. The secrets to good physical and mental health is moving your body, strengthening your body, and exercising your brain.


Through thousands of years, breaking bread together bonded people as family and friends. Dining is an important experience for our residents. It’s not just a healthy meal; it’s also a social highlight for the residents. At Daisy Hill, we know that there is nothing like a delicious meal to bring people together. Our trained chefs focus on the importance of proper diets and healthy food choices so our residents get the highest quality of seasonal ingredients and a variety of meal options. There is nothing like fresh produce to stimulate the senses and the appetite!

Diets change as we age and our chefs are constantly working on ways to best modify recipes to accommodate changing needs and tastes.


At Daisy Hill, our residents and staff are our family. Age brings many difficult changes that contribute to a more solitary life. One of the biggest issues for seniors is that their social circles begin to shrink as the years go by. Friends, significant others and family members move away or pass away. Even those who still live close by may be inaccessible due to limited mobility, especially once a senior can no longer drive safely. Age-related changes in one’s physical condition, such as hearing loss and low vision, can make it so difficult to communicate that it doesn’t seem worth the effort anymore.

Family experience is very important to our facility. Family members and staff should provide gentle encouragement to help new residents acclimate, meet new people and participate in activities and events. One of the best parts of senior living (aside from receiving necessary care) is that opportunities for socialization and fulfillment are available right outside a resident’s bedroom door.

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